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    The pollen is useful for many illnesses, such as a common cold, the flu, ulcer, early ageing, anemia and colitis. It is an excellent source of proteins and amino acids. It also contains some other valuable elements, such as:
    · Carotene: it is the main source of vitamin A production.
    · Rutin: it enlarges and enhances the capillary vessels and also enhances the veins and arteries. This can result in reducing heart attacks or strokes, especially for people above the age of 40. The rutin also contains some enzymes, which are necessary for a human’s proper digestion. Moreover, it has some vegetal hormones, which are harmless to the human body.
    The pollen has a great effect on women. The latter can consume pollen mixed with honey, which contributes to a better and easier birth. In addition, the pollen builds up our appetite, lowers blood pressure, makes the human body stronger, increases hemoglobin, calms the nerves, fights insomnia and even prostate inflammation.
    It also contains more than 5,000 enzymes that are necessary for the metabolism of food. It has antibiotic and antibacterial substances, as well as hormones which set the natural secretion of endocrine glands. What is more, the Greek pollen is of high quality because Greece has a high rate of fragrant plants blooming. It is good for all ages, as it offers good physical and mental state and has anti-ageing properties. Its colour varies; poppy black pollen, polygonum pink-red pollen, dahlia bright yellow pollen, cotton white pollen. The pollen can be consumed in its initial state or within some juice or even mixed with honey. 

    Aeiforos gi
    Alexandrou Papagou 31 & socratous
    Voula ,Athens, Greece

    Alimentum Terrae
    Damasippou 50
    Athens, Greece

    Pantopolion o Plomaritis
    L. Marathonos 44
    Nea Makri, Athens, Greece

    Louloudakis p.
    Sekeri 6
    Tolo, Nauplion, Greece

    Family of Helios
    Argous 35-37
    Nauplion, Greece

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