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    Heather Honey
    From Producer: Παναγιώτης Λαμπρόπουλος
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    Heather honey is made from nectar collected from the tiny purple bell-shaped flower of the common heather plant (Calluna vulgaris), so named because of its domination of many areas of heath and boglands, and also known as ling heather.

    Other heather species, such as the bell heather (Erica species), flower earlier and are less common which makes them less viable for honey.

    Calluna vulgaris or Ling Heather takes its name from the ancient Greek meaning broom as heather boughs were often tied together and used for sweeping. It is a low growing evergreen native of Europe with a liking for dry acidic soils.

    Aeiforos gi
    Alexandrou Papagou 31 & socratous
    Voula ,Athens, Greece

    Alimentum Terrae
    Damasippou 50
    Athens, Greece

    Pantopolion o Plomaritis
    L. Marathonos 44
    Nea Makri, Athens, Greece

    Louloudakis p.
    Sekeri 6
    Tolo, Nauplion, Greece

    Family of Helios
    Argous 35-37
    Nauplion, Greece

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    Heather Honey
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